Drama | TV Movie 1 June 2012 – This biographical telefilm retraces the journey of Alexandra David-Néel, accompanied by Aphur Yougden, a child lama who was to become her adopted son, for 13 years of wanderings from India to the lands of the Himilayas and the Tibetan plains, and of their arrival in Lhassa on Feb. 28, 1924 as the first modern Westerner to set foot in TIbet.



“NASIR” (Tamil, 75mins) – Official Trailer – a film by Arun KARTHIK
(India / Netherlands / Singapore)

Co Produced by: MAGIC HOUR FILMS

‘Nasir’ comprehends the peaceful anonymity of the lives of small people but also, more sorrowfully, the vengeful and arrogant anonymity of the mob.

World Premiere -International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2020
Winner – Netpac Award – IFFR 2020
Nominated – Tiger Awards – IFFR 2020

Official Selections:
International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2020, New Films New Directors (MoMA) 2020, Sydney International Film Festival, Mumbai Film Festival (MAMI) 2020

Reviews (click on publication to read review):
Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Screen, Film Companion, CineEuropa, Screen Anarchy, The Hindu, Scroll.

Production Companies: Magic Hour Films, Stray Facotry, Rinkel Films, Harman Ventures, Uncombed Buddha, Coloured Pickle Films.

Director: Arun KARTHIK

Cast: Valavane KOUMARANE

Producers: Samir SARKAR, Mathivanan RAJENDRAN, Renier SELEN, Ibo KARATAY, Harsh AGARWAL, Aditya GROVER,
Executive Producer: Nirmal LAWRENCE

Screenplay: Arun KARTHIK
Based on a short story by Dilip KUMAR

Director of Photography: Saumyananda SAHI

Editor: Arghya BASU

Sound: Gautam NAIR


Production Design: Mausam AGGARWAL
Art Director: Aneesh KUNJIMANGALAM

1st Assistant Director: Pravin SELVAM

Post Production: Fever Films, Amsterdam

Shot on Location in: Coimbatore

Summary: Salesman Nasir lives a contended life with his mother Fatima, wife Taj and nephew Iqbal in a closely populated ghetto. Employed in an apparel shop at the heart of a busy city, the middle aged Nasir is a hard worker. He speaks humorously and makes others laugh. He is also endowed with a half-baked philosophical attitude, so he likes poetry. On Sundays he composes poems along the lines of Hindi film songs of the sixties and launches them in front of his co-workers. When he recites his poems, he starts with his right hand placed over his chest and with wave-like motions nearly brushing the noses of the listeners. He smokes ten Beedis a day and drinks four cups of tea. He goes for his midday prayers occasionally. Nasir’s chronicle emerges through the detailed observation of his vicinity over the span of one particular day. As his day unfolds we find him to be a nimble romantic, marshaling a love of love, song, children, friendship, and even God to rise into something resembling a life well lived. But the increasing communal bigotry has other plans.

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